About Us

We reclaim old weathered wood from barns and sheds, and recycle it into beautiful rustic wood products. Our process begins with discovering the raw material out in the field. We then clean all the nails and screws out. Sort the wood into our various categories. The we run it through our milling process.
We are basically a green company, using mainly recycled materials (we do use new nails, glass, hangers, etc. to assure a quality product). One thing you will notice about all of our barnwood products is the distinct knots, nail holes and slight color variations in the wood. These so called “imperfections” are what give all of our Barnwood products their beautiful, unique charm. We take great pride in the quality of all our Barnwood products. Whether you order 1 or 100, you can expect nothing less than 100% satisfaction. We proudly stand behind our products and customer service.
We design and manufacture all of our Barnwood products on the Western Slope of Colorado!!
Thanks for checking out our handcrafted products!
Scott and Paul.
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